Need a recommendation for a good strength training program for a beginner (book/magazine/video/etc.)

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Posted 2/3/2009

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I'm new to the site, but not new to working out.  I've been on a cardio kick as of late and have seen some good results.  I'm now wanting to add strength training to my workout routine to tighten up.  I'm a 30 yr old female who has never really seen results from strength training in the past.  I probably have not stuck with programs long enough because I feel like I don't get results and I convince myself I'm wasting time.  I know this isn't the case and I'm really motivated to stick with a program now that I am working from home and have time to really dedicate to it.  I don't, however, have access to a gym other than the one I created at home.  I have a yoga mat, exercise ball, 5 and 8 lb weights, 3lb ankle weights, and three different resistence bands.  Does anyone have suggestions on a program I can find either online, in a magazine, or from a book that can help me get the sculpting results I'm longing for?  I find I'm best when I have a strict program laid out for me, rather than try to put it together myself.  The instructions and tips that come in a book or program is also helpful.

All insight is appreciated!


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Posted 2/4/2009


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Your goal is tighten and tone....  Hmmmmm...

You realy don't need any heavier weights right now then what you have.  If you want to bulk a bit then you would need to get some more weights or find a gym. Finding a workout that meets your expectations is going to depend on a few things:

1. How often can you do a weight workout?

2. Is it possible to do it every day at around the same time? 

3.  And do you have the patience to see it through?

Low weight high rep weight workoutrs (the kind you are looking for) traditionally take time for a person to se results. When combined with a great diet (seems to be the buzz word in the forum right now), cardio and weights, results will be quicker, but will still take time.  Again not a proponent of magazine workouts, but Muscle and Fitness and from what I have seen from MandF Hers seem to have ample workout ideas, home gym ideas, supplement and diet ideas.  The key is to get into a routine and stick to it....  I also love the book by Joe Decker called the Worlds Fittest You... Great basic Push Pull Routines and a good place to start.

Not knowing what your schedule looks like, try something like:

Day1-Biceps and Back (am) Cardio and Abs (pm)

Day 2-Legs and Shoulders (am) Cardio (pm)

Day 3-Triceps and Chest (am)  Cardio and Abs (pm)

Day 4-Biceps and Back (am) Cardio and Abs (pm)

Day 5-Legs and Shoulders (am) Cardio (pm

Day 6-Triceps and Chest (am)  Cardio and Abs (pm)

Day 7-Off

As for moves and exercises that will again depend on a few things to include how many days you do resistance training and cardio and have off... 

Good Luck-


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Posted 2/26/2009


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^^good advice!

Also, check out [url=][/url]

They not only post the workout of the day, they also have tons of videos for all the exercises.
I do all my strength and resistance workouts at home and have seen tremendous good as with any commerical gym I went to. I have some equipment, but mostly do bodyweight exercises.

Good luck!
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Posted 3/3/2009

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Hi Melanie,

I would suggest that you look into P90X. I never thought I could do it, let alone see results, but I did! (I am a 50 year old female and hate to work out.) I know a lot of workouts you buy from TV are not much good, but if you work hard and follow the program, you WILL see results. I had never successfully done a pushup before, now I can do 15 or so.

It is a varied workout. Some weights, some cardio, a tough yoga workout, and a stretching day. I think the weights you already have will work and even strength bands are used in the videos as an alternative way to do some of the exercises.

Anyway, at least check it out before you purchase it and good luck.

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Posted 8/21/2009

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IF you do really need a "set" program that someone's doing on tv, or pretty pics in a mag, can't really help you 'cause I don't have cable. But don't be put out because you don't have a lot of weights. The lightness of the weights coupled with your lack of test obviously create very slow gains, compared to doing exercises purely to burn calories. I'd encourage you to try FLEXING while you do the move, this creates a "pump" and also works the muscle more. Don't just curl, FLEX while you curl. Don't just do a pushup, FLEX while you do a pushup. People complain about bodybuilders and 'roids, but they still are exercising the right way too.

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Posted 5/9/2010

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hello i am SSG Rosen and i just joined this site.  I think that all the previous comments are very valid and in all of them i heard lots of great infor but for a beginer i i didn't here any mention form or techinque(SP)  I have trained all types of bodys as i train my soldiers and as a ace certified trainer civilians. also no mentioned to keep beginer away from supplements you don't need them your body will give you the best results every that first 2 - 4 months before you you need to change up your exercises to continue to keep the body guessing.  if anyone would like info or has advice for me i would love to hear from you.  i am trying to get my self ready for a comp next year.  and can use help on posing as i have never done it
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Posted 2/1/2011

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Search the net for: Tom Venuto - Burn the fat, feed the muscle
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Posted 8/18/2011

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If you are really serious about working out, then I suggest you do any of the following.

- P90X
- Insanity
- The PIT Workout
- Savage & Serene.

These are EXTREMELY tough but have awesome results. I saw this articles where all of these were listed as the best worout videos and very rightly so. Source
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