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Posted 1/9/2012


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Made some updates to the nutrition log entry page -

1. Added a checkbox that specifies whether or not to search custom foods from other members. Before this update, all custom foods created by other members were included in your food search. However, many of these foods were duplicates or contained incomplete or inaccurate information. Now, you can decide whether you want to include these foods within your search or not. If not, you will still be searching the 8000+ foods from the USDA database. I would suggest starting with the box unchecked and then if you are unable to locate the food, check it and try the search again.

2. The food search results have been re-ordered so that (hopefully) the most relevant results are at the top of the list. This was accomplished by first showing results for the exact term for which you searched. So, in other words, if you searched for the term 'banana', the first results will be foods that actually start with that term, while foods that simply contain that term (i.e. yogurt, banana flavor) would be further down the list. We've tried to make the results even more accurate by sorting them by popularity. So, the foods that have been used the most in other's log entries will show closer to the top of the list.

3. The USDA database tables have been updated with the latest data.

4. We've added a quick notification message whenever you add a food to your nutrition log. This was added because some screen resolutions do not allow both the search results grid and the nutrition log grid to be shown at the same time and it was difficult to tell if the food had been added once you clicked on the add buton.

Hopefully these updates help make it a bit quicker to enter your daily nutrition. Please let me know what you think and stay tuned for many more improvements to come this year!

Trevor Stith
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