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personal health, nutrition, and fitness tracking
keeping you on track to reach your fitness goals

  •  Create a plan that works for you
  •  Make informed decisions
  •  Visualize your progress
  •  Stay motivated and energized
  •  Look and feel your best
  •  Lose weight and trim fat
  •  Stay healthy and vibrant
  •  Achieve your goals

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Employee Wellness Challenges

Keep Participants Coming Back for More


Whether it's fitness, nutrition, stress management, weight control, or anything else, HealthTrails™ allows you to customize a corporate wellness program that gets your participants on the path to better health.

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This whimsical wellness campaign can help everyone skate through the season a little healthier.

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Health, Fitness and Nutrition Planning
With Online Fitness Log we take the guess work out of weight loss. Create your own personal plan to see exactly what it will take and what day you can expect to achieve your goals.
Tracking With Our Fitness Software
Record as much or as little data as you like in relation to your health, nutrition, and exercise. Online Fitness Log is flexible enough to allow you to track your fitness how you want.
Health and Fitness Reporting With Our Fitness Software
Compile your fitness data into manageable information that will help you see the overall picture and make better decisions. Rich colorful charts help you monitor your progress.
Personalize Your Fitness Goals and Tracking
With Online Fitness Log there's no need to try and fit your fitness tracking needs into a one-size-fits-all solution. Create your own custom fields to track the data you want.

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